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  • Nicole Jackson

5 Reasons Wool Nappy Covers are your next crush.

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It may be difficult to imagine wool as a nappy cover. Wouldn't it leak? Get hot? And isn't wool itchy? These, at least, were my concerns when I first heard of it, almost a year ago. After trying wool, however, I simply fell in love with it. Wool nappy covers are my new crush, and here is why.

Wool is water resistant. Not only will it keep the naoppy from leaking, it will actually absorb 30% of its weight in moisture while still feeling DRY. This makes wool especially great for night time nappy-ing. It also works wonders to catch small leaks, from disposables or cloth nappies, keeping clothes dry. It can be a great solution for cloth nappy families that experience leaking at daycare due to fit issues or just a very heavy wetting baby!

Wool is breathable. Wool nappy covers are by far the most breathable option currently available. Wool allows for the greatest air circulation inside the nappy area. Allowing baby's skin to breath is extremely beneficial, and a much-needed break from constant nappies. While PUL (the outer waterproof layer of cloth diapers) is more breathable than disposables, wool is still superior to both. While nappy free time is still amazing, a fitted night nappy with a wool cover is the closest we can get to it, for 12 hours straight, mess free.

Wool regulates body temperature. Wool has the amazing ability of heat regulation. We all know that wool can keep us warm, and wool is most often associated with winter. Wool, however, can also keep us cool. Wool reacts to fluctuations in body temperature, keeping heat in when your body is cold, and releasing in when temperatures rise. This ability to transfer heat and moisture out, can keep baby's bum cool even on hot summer nights (or days).

Wool is naturally antibacterial. One of the most fascinating properties of wool is that it is naturally self-cleaning. The lanolin in wool reacts to urine, neutralising ammonia by breaking it down and evaporating the remaining water. Lanolin also contains fatty acids that prevent the growth of bacteria. This means wool covers can be used for 3-4 weeks before needing a wash (as long as it doesn't get any poop on it) – just air dry them between uses! Not having to wash (and dry) the covers after each use, also means that you really don't need a lot of them – for night time use you could get away with having just one. This is most definitely important, as wool can be pricey.

Wool covers are soft, comfortable, and easy to use. Finally, while some wool may be itchy or scratchy, cloth diaper covers are made primarily of Merino wool, which feels beautifully soft against the skin. They are comfortable on baby, easily fit over any nappy, and are very simple to put on – just pull them up!


Text author: Nicole Jackson

Photography: Pixabay

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