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How we manufacture

Vivilino is not just about reusables, it's about people...

The world is a constantly changing place. In this century alone, along with our own ecological footprint, there has been war, disease, crisis, and disintegration of community and the human condition. 


Vivilino is not the first brand of its founders. With Vivilino comes several long years of experience in the manufacturing industry, along with a previous successful brand. But, also with a perspective of how the industry has changed. Whilst we all pledge to find a more sustainable way of living, sometimes humanity gets lost in the message. 


We have worked with our manufacturers for several years through both this brand and its predecessor. Forrest, we have known since humble beginnings working in a family-run factory to watching his dreams grow into his own ethically run factory. We have talked through job loss, financial crisis, through a pandemic and our relationship is the glue that makes Vivilino possible. And we will stand by this at the heart of Vivilino, as teamwork indeed makes the dream WORK. Forrest works with integrity at the core of what he does, with precision and taking care of his workers as a family. He seeks out the highest quality local materials, local workers and oversees that workmanship is to the highest standard. Workers are paid in fairness which means our products are not the cheapest on the market, essentially breaking the cycle of poverty that can be observed in sweatshop operations. And at the end of the day, this is more important to us than what is ‘on trend’.


When starting out, we looked at the costs of manufacturing exclusively in Europe. After spending a year of trial and error it became apparent that making a nappy in Europe would be so costly that it would put cloth nappies out of affordable reach for the vast majority of people. We manufacture in China and because materials are sourced locally to the area in which they are made, the carbon footprint is much less than if we had material shipped to Europe and made locally.

As a small business to date, we work with what resources we have and we choose to work with each individual partner either as a manufacturer, stockist, or distributor. This means that we might not be able to work with the most advanced fabrics as fast as others, but more importantly, we are working with people who make Vivilino something extra special. Vivilino is and always will be committed to innovation but not at the cost of keeping people together. If that means we grow slow, we grow slow!


If you would like to join the Vivilino family as a stockist, we would love to hear from you. Let's make something special!

Nicole & Tamla

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